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Something Wonderful is About to Happen

At La Muse, we find inspiration in our clients. Women step through our doors armed with courage for a new adventure, excitement for a fresh look and creativity for exploring what’s possible.

We are happy to incorporate your ideas and favorite photos while also considering your hair’s characteristics to achieve your best look. If your instinct says you need a new color, we will answer the call. If you want to emerge with a whole new style, we will make it happen. Or, if you just want some subtle changes, we can help you decide which will have the most impact.

Know that when you visit La Muse, you are entering a comfortable and creative space. The chairs are twirly, the dryers are warm and the focus is on you. Let us help you channel your personality into the hairstyle that matches you perfectly.

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Possibility is Everywhere

When you never stop looking for inspiration, you can find it anywhere. Fall leaves introduce us to rich shades of red. Fashion designers incorporate the latest color trends into their clothing. Even the creamy foam on a vanilla latte presents subtle variations in hues that translate well to hair color.

At La Muse, we are closely attuned to current styles. We are watching what’s coming down the runway. We subscribe to fashion blogs. We are ready to translate what’s fresh and now into your personal hair style. Because we are constantly learning and perfecting new techniques, we are always poised to create looks for you that are as up to date as you want them to be.

When you book your appointment at La Muse, you can choose your own adventure. Whether you want to explore balayage or take the plunge on that trendy pixie cut, we will make it happen for you.

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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Every one of our clients is beautiful every day. But sometimes a special occasion calls for a unique hairstyle. Weddings, proms or photography sessions are events that deserve a special creation that’s specific to the day and your personality.

If you’ve fallen in love with an intricate braided up-do from Pinterest or seen the perfect beachy waves on your favorite celebrity, we can bring those looks to your special occasion. Choose romantic swirly curls or a swept-back bun to make your statement – we are ready. We love creative challenges and helping you discover the variations that will bring out your own brand of beauty on a special day.

So step into the spotlight for your big day. You are the star, and La Muse can help you shine.

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Passionate About Inspiration

Desiree Neel describes hair as a beautiful fabric she can’t get enough of. She brings this level of excitement and creativity to all her clients by channeling inspiration into a look that’s perfect for each person. Although she’s worked in the beauty industry for 30 years, she believes she is more passionate about the possibilities than ever.

Originally from Arizona, Desiree moved to Oregon’s wine country with her husband, who is a vintner and sommelier. The way she tells it, he came here to learn about pinot noir and bribed her to come along by buying her an airline ticket and renting a convertible. Once she visited Oregon, there was no going back. Desiree loves the beauty of the Willamette Valley, the excitement of opening a new salon and all the people she has met here.

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308 E First St Suite B, Newberg, Oregon 97132

Tue-Sat: 9:00 am-7:00 pm